5 October 2009


Have you ever thought about sitting still and reflecting? Lately, I find myself reflecting more, I don’t know why, but I have found it helpful and I have had to let go of some issues I was holding on to.

It is hard not to notice when someone has done something to hurt us, it is hard to ignore a look with seemingly bad intent, and it is hard not to take revenge in our own way. For instance, if someone doesn’t call you or misses an event you’ve organised, our revenge may be to ignore them the next time we see them or be cold, and I think it gives us a certain satisfaction when we get even.

It is these little foxes, I’ve been dealing with lately and by God have I learnt. I’ve learnt that it is not what is done to us that matters, but how we react to what is done to us and also the next step in the process.

I can either hold on to a grudge or hurtful experience and have it eat away at me slowly or reflect over what I thought was wrong, make excuses for the person/persons involved and move on.
I have found the second alternative refreshing and liberating.

I use to think meditating, being quiet for a few minutes is daunting, being a very active and up and about person, I can hardly sit still for a minute, but now I’ve found ways to stop and be still.
I reflect when cleaning my home, walking to and from the station, when having a shower, just allowing the water to drip, I allow my thoughts to drift away and I reflect. The result, I am more at peace with myself and those around me.

So straight from my heart is this piece to encourage you to find time to sort out your thoughts, release yourself to the beauty of reflection, mediate on the wonders of you and nature and you will find strength to carry on.

I sit in silence pondering the meandering waves of the seas,and marvel at the birds and the whales.
Amidst the busyness of life and seas of wondering thoughts, my consciousness is restraint and stirred in the paths of quiet terrain.
A sweet reprieve I find in the stillness of time, reflecting on the goodness of nature and the wonders of the mind.
Strength I gain when I reflect on the wonders of God, and peace restored when in truth I release the clogs of dirt that blocked my mind.
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