16 November 2009


This year is rapidly coming to an end. As I look back on the last 9 months, I marvel at how swiftly time flies. It wasn’t long ago we welcomed this year, made goals and resolutions, with hopes of how we wanted things to go. Here we are, counting down.

This year holds different things for different people. Some can’t wait for it to roll by quickly so that they can start another one. Perhaps it doesn’t hold pleasant memories for them. They may have loss jobs, loved ones, houses, health, excreta. Things happened that have made them eager to see the back of 2009.

What memories do you have of 2009? In what way does it stand out for you? Have you loss a loved one? Have you been struck down by an illness, are you one of those who look back to the last months and sigh? Do you feel things are out of control in your life?

Here’s one peace of advice for you, regardless of the pain, disappointments, or sorrows you may have encountered this year, it could have been worse.

Do no dwell on the disappointments of the past so much that it hinders you from seeing the blessings in your life right now.

Perhaps things have been really bad for you this year, whatever can go wrong went wrong and you dread the dawn of another year even though you can’t wait for this one to end. Remember however good or bad a situation is, it will change. We don’t know whether it will change for bad or worse but that is where faith and hope comes in: we hope it will change for the better if it was bad and trust God to do right by HIS word.

So straight from my heart is this piece to ENCOURAGE you.

Hang in there my friend.
Though dark the night may be and fear overwhelms
Tales of toil and snare litter an uncertain horizon
and your heart palpitates as it anticipates the arrival of another season
Though visions becomes blurred by scary clouds
As hope wanes and dreams go cold
Though dawn waits on the shores of misery,
Look up, skies become clearer as the clouds roll bac
See beyond the blur
Extend your vision
Let your hope be restored amidst the scares and tears.
Lay your cares aside,
Let faith be ignited again
As you stay the course and wait for the dawn of a New Year with Joy.
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