4 December 2009

Who's cheering for you?

I am an avid sports fan. I love football, Tennis, athletics, basketball you name it. I may not understand them fully but I like the buzz around games, the excitement before, during and after a game. I like listening to the analysis by professionals and amateurs, the bickering by fans, the seemingly fanaticism of sports never fails to amaze me.

I get in on the act too, when supporting my football team, my favourite tennis play or other sports stars, all these from the comfort of my couch. I have been opportune to attend a few live sporting events. Imagine what it’s like in a football field, you can’t be still in those matches, which is second only to a Holy Ghost filled atmosphere.

One thing is certain, the cheers of fans steer teams on. I have witness countless turn around in games. Where it was almost certain that a team or an individual is going to lose only for them to make a remarkable turnaround and win. When asked after a Tennis Match against Roger Federal, Del Petrol attributed his turnaround to the chants of the Argentina’s fans amongst the crowd. He said anytime he felt like he couldn’t carry on, their chants spurred him on.

This got me thinking: everyone of us has someone cheering for us, rooting for us to succeed in every area of our lives.
Who’s cheering for you? Who will be disappointed if you give up?

There is one cheer that dwarfs the cheers of sports fanatics, “The cheers of the saints who have gone before” the urging of the Holy Spirit to try one more time at whatever it is we’ve been tempted to give up on. It may be the urge to give up trying for that promotion at work, to give up working at a difficult relationship, the urge to give up on a desire or a dream, the urge to give up the wait for a spouse or the urge to give up on that difficult child.

Straight from my heart is this piece to encourage you, as we approach the end of another year to:

Tune your earring aid,

lengthen its cord,
stretch it wide to the frequency of the chants of those who have gone before.

Imagine them standing on the sidelines,
urging you to take one more step,
to continue on in the hope of achieving that dream.

Their cheers will give strength to your wings,
enabling you to stay in the race.

Envision yourself in the realm of the desired for many a soul has won, who sort to draw strength from the cheers of those on the side lines.

And when you are tempted to give up trying,
remember that you may be giving up on the chance to stand on the side lines,
to cheer on those who will come after you.

For you see,
only a winning attitude guarantees entrance to be a spectator on the stands,
to take your place with those who amidst the odds,
continued and obtained the price.

So stay in the race, because someone is cheering for you.

Pictures by "photobucket"

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