4 April 2010

Taken (Final Part)

Yes he died a wretched death.
He allowed himself to be taken and killed because he wanted to take something back for himself!

He was taken so that he could take back:

Sons and daughters of his, bound by sin
The down trodden and restore them to wholeness
The weak and give the strength
The poor and give them riches
The broken hearted and fix their hurt
The hopeless and fill them with assurances of better things to come
The loss and show them the way
The accused and free them from guilt and shame
The isolated and bring them into the fold
Taken! Yes he took the stripes, the beatings, the scorning, the accusations, the causes
So that he can take away our shame, hurt, sickness and pain.

No wonder Good Friday” turned out to be “Good” after all, because he wasn’t taken,

He took my place instead! That’s why today we celebrate, our freedom from Sin.

"Taken" away on that Good Friday afternoon when he hung and died”. He visited Hell and set us free from sin and death.

Happy Easter.

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