2 April 2010

Taken (Part 1)

Some see the cross as a symbol of sadness, pain and shame, rightly so too. You see the event which led to his death was everything depicting sorrow, pain and shame.

Imagine it:
He was caught, handcuffed and lead away.
Taken before the judges of his day, he was accused of all manner of good deeds. Say, how can one be accused of doing good? Yes he was.

It was a sad day for the many that were with him, his disciples were full of sadness as they watched their saviour gave up himself without a struggle.
The road to the cross was littered with Jeers and snares from the angry crowd! Cries of “away with him! He’s a scum”

A saviour! No not on that day, for he couldn’t even save himself, rather he was "taken" without putting up a word in his defence.

How! How! How! Did we come to believe in this man? I imagine this was the thought going through the mind of his disciples. They were perplexed, angry, dismayed, amazed, ashamed and afraid to be identified with him, no wonder the denial!

The one whom they have come to believe in, was led as a lamb to be killed, a saviour? No not on that Friday Moring, he was anything but that!

Good Friday? Far from it!

I imagine it was a gloomy day. for his Disciples it far from being Good’ their saviour and friend has been TAKEN” and worse "killed"! What was good about that day? Surely nothing “Good” can come out of his death, they thought. They would never have guessed the event which unfolded in the days to come!

See part tomorrow!
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