21 July 2010

Start Nurturing

It’s been a while since I updated you on my veggies. I am so amazed at the rate of growth and the produce so far. Really this whole growing thing has got me looking forward to next growing season.
The beauty of it all is the finished produce. I must say the taste of my peas and spinach is compared to nothing. My tomatoes have started sprouting and gosh! The size of it!

It was only a couple of months ago we got to work, sowing the seeds, watering and feeding. At some point I was tired of carrying on. Each evening after a hard day’s work I am out there tendering. To put it in biblical terms I sowed in tears and now am ripping in joy!

This got me thinking about a lot of the things we are involved in on a daily basis, our relationships, our jobs, our character, what are we sowing? Are we expecting to reap where we’ve not sown? To have a good harvest, be it good friends, well groomed kids, beautiful garden, not only must we sow the seeds, we must tend to it, we must modify our character, taking stock daily of areas we need to improve on. We must put the needed hours on the job to get the recognition. We must sweat it out at the beginning, through the middle and right to the end till our produce bring forth fruit worthy of harvest.

At one stage some of my plants weren’t doing well, I was sad, I didn’t know what was happening, I had to researched what the problem could be and apply the necessary treatment to restore them to healthy state.

If things are not working in some areas of your life, find out why, look within and without, are you doing enough, is there something you’ve neglected to do? Only when you’ve given your best at any task or call can you rest.
We can work it out all on our own and succeed, but sometimes with our best effort things may still go pear shape, just like the time I had to lay hands on my crop one morning when they all appeared dead, I must say God intervened whether you believe it or not! But I didn’t give up on them.

So don’t sweat it out all on your own, involved the master who gives us the power to make wealth. Equipped with his strength we can do all things!

So straight from my heart, is this encouragement to you to being to sow today, begin now, where you are, wait no more, depose the handicap call excuses and be on your way to Nurturing that dream, birth within you a reality too powerful to fail. With unwavering faith, propel your being into all you’ve been created to be and watch as you sprout and soar like a giant, conquering and winning all the way.
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