9 September 2010

Fall? Which Fall?

A few days ago I was staring out of my bedroom window and observed my neighbour and her little girl of 2. The mom was walking to her car packed a few yards from their house, she got in and shortly afterwards I noticed her little girl running down the road to the car, the mum came out and shouted for her to stop running. (It has just stopped raining). The little girl kept on running. The mum got back in the car, her little girl was almost near the car when she fell. The mum jumped out of the car, picked her up and tried to sooth her. She kept walking up and down saying, its ok, I told you not to run, but you won’t listen, its ok. I smiled as I watched.

This got me thinking.
We sometimes ignore our God’s warning to stop running without him or not to run at all. Running could be anything, we may ignore his warning about taking that job, moving house, making that decision on our own or waiting a little bit longer before taking that next step, but because we fret and think we have a better grasp of the situation and can make a reasonably “wise” decision we continue with our plans, all the while ignoring the fathers warning not to run.

We soon make a mistake and fall.
But just like that mom picked up her little girl, he’ll pick you up, with the mud, the grass and the filth which comes as a result of the fall, he’ll pick you up with the dirt and soothe you, he won’t wait for you to be clean and repentant, he’ll come running to you just before you fall.

So have you fallen due to running? And are you berating yourself for failing to heed the father’s voice? Stop! Just let him soothe you as only he can.Lean on him and let him wipe the dirt away.

The little girl continued crying for a while before she calmed down. Some of us never forgive ourselves, we continue crying each time we remember the fall and repent all over again, and all the time the father is saying, but I picked you up, I wiped you clean, I don’t know what you are talking about, fall? Which fall?
No wonder Jesus says except we are like little children……
Little ones don’t remember. No sooner had she calm down than she started playing again.

So Straight from my heart is this piece to encourage you to get up from the place where you’ve fallen, get over your fall, you’ve been wiped clean! Hear the father saying, fall? Which fall? I picked you up.

Running towards the goal,
Pressing to achieve
I make no haste to attain
The quest my heart desires.

Running towards the mark,
Heedless of humps and bumps
I’ve prayed, my guide the Lord will be,
I run, and make no tarrying to wait.

Running as I climb, I saw the finish line
But lurking along my path, lay thorns unknown to me,
Soon I stumble and fall, unable to finish the race

Swiftly, he picked me up,
Shook me clean,
Place me on his shoulder
And ran to complete the race,
I embarked without him

On his shoulder I soar,
I did not sway or loose my grip,
He’s steps propelled me to heights never dreamt before,
Because he ran the race he has chosen for me.
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