23 October 2010

Hope That Saves!

The remarkable story of 33 miner buried 2000 feet below the surface of Chile’s Atacama desert made head news around the world. Even more remarkable was the unbelievable rescue of these men. I'm sure you are familiar with the story so I won't bore you by telling it again.

One thing struck me through it all and that was the resilience of the men, they didn’t give up hope. They kept their hope alive by pulling together, when one was weak, there was one who encouraged, together, with the help those on the surface they kept their hope alive.

Often, we are faced with dire situation, ones which threatens our very existence. Literally we feel buried in those circumstances with no way out. If you recall, there was no way in or out of that mine after it collapsed (talk about a hopeless situation). An emergency rescue plan had to be put together to get them out.

Straight from my heart
is this piece to encourage you to have faith in God, in the face of buried dreams and seemingly hopeless situation.
Look up your help comes from the Lord, in a way you could say their hope saved them. Watching them come out, not one of them had an angry or exhausted look, and they kept their hope alive by hooking up with God, those on the surface and encouraging each other.

For some of us, it may look like there’s no way in or out of our situation, but hang in there help is on the way. While waiting for a rescue, reshape your attitude, let go of pain, anger and hatred, have a winning attitude, because you can’t tell your story with all those things written over your expression.
It may require a dramatic effort to bring you out but it will happen.
As Romans 8:24-28 says, we are saved by hope. But hope that is seen is no hope at all, who hopes for what he already has? 25: but if we hope for what we do not yet have we wait for it with patience.
Hope in God, have faith that he's working all things out for your good. Be assured it won't be long before he rescues you. Just stay hooked up and connected to him.

Snared, bruised and brushed, still I arise.
Knocked down but not out, kicked but not killed, still I arise
With gaze upward looking,
My hope is rekindled with the vision of victories ahead.
I arise.
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