15 November 2010


We sometimes have different perspectives on the thing same issues. For instance your analysis on how the economy should be run may be different from mine, we’ve sat and discussed how we think the economy should be tackled, and we’ve become self professed economic analyst.

Regardless of our perspectives, the current government did not seek our opinion before going ahead with the cuts and changes which we are currently experiencing. The government, together with experts in different fields sat down to the reality of the current state of the economy and decided (regardless of the perspectives of the people) to make certain changes. And by God will they hurt?

This got me thinking
, it’s the same with God. He does not seek your opinion or perspective on your future. He already determined our end from our beginning, which means that before we were conceived, God already knew what each second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year has in store for us. He did not have a round table discussion with you when you became a teenager to decide how your future will turn out. He already had that figured out.
Does it mean we have no part to play in our daily existence? Not at all, the fact that the government did not seek our point of view before making these changes doesn’t mean that we have no part to play, our part is to find out how the changes will affect us and come into line with it. We may need to re-organise our personal finances to come in line with the governments.

In the same way we too can find out what God’s plans are for our lives are and come into line with them. The bible clearly tells us in Jeremiah 29:11 that his plans for our lives are good not evil. Our perspectives on our lives are irrelevant if we haven’t viewed it in line with God’s perspectives. God’s perspectives is contained in his word, it is loaded with guidance and clues which are certain to bring us into his perfect plan for our lives, but because we are so pre-occupy with our own plans and perspectives we fail to seek and see what his are, we struggle to understand where the problem lies when things aren’t working the way we thought they should.

I encourage you today, if you are struggling to understand the way your life is turning out, go to God in prayer, ask him to show you areas you’ve neglected to involve him and come into line with his plans.

What he shows you may be difficult to implement, he may ask you to change your attitude, change your perspective, change your location, change your character, change, and more change. But whatever he ask of you, be ready to get on board with his purpose for your life, as we wrap up this year and set assail into 2011 a territory unknown us but known to him.

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