24 April 2011

Setback To Comeback

We've had one of the toughest winter in a 100 years. The effect of the winter months is evident in our garden, our once plush and beautiful patch looks like a drought land. Plants dead, those still alive are weak and would require a lot of work to get them back to life. 
Our gardener who is my hubby (oops)!  has already started planning for the recovery. 

So how do you recover after a set back. Do you sit back in misery and wish the set back never happened, do you go on a Blame game?  

Instead of doing all these, plan your come back. Yes disaster has struck, ask yourself what you can do to aid your come back. 
Who, where, can you get help from, what help is available? 
What can you do physically or otherwise to remedy the set back. 

As I watch my hubby tend the garden, I also observe the changes taking place. He dug up dead plants and replaced them with new ones, some old plants are springing back to life, he laid some bark, feed and watered. more is still needed to get it back to what it was or better. But the important thing is that there is beauty again as the garden makes a come back. 

You took can make a come back if you are willing to get to work regardless of the set back you've had. 

So on this resurrection day, remember Jesus made a come back from a set back, draw from the strength his resurrection brings,
 dig out and throw away old habits, replant néw seeds of love, tenacity and rekindle old and good traits.

A set back can be a spring board for a comeback, a lunch pad to hope again, dream again and believe in possibilities. 

So unless you are willing to do what it takes, you will not attain your desired end. 

When toss about by the waves of adversity, look within you, rekindle hope for there is a new dawn waiting to birth after the tide has receded. 
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