24 May 2011


I don't like surprises. So when I became pregnant I was pretty sure that no one would be able to pull a surprise baby shower for me. I set out to find out if anyone is planning one. My mind was set on a particular week and I knew my sister and husband will be in on the act. I went to work on my sister since it can’t happen without their knowledge, no need to work on my husband he won't crack, but I tried all the tricks in the book to get my sister to talk, she almost did, but still gave nothing away. Needless to say that on the day itself, I was not only surprised, but shocked.
How, when, who? Planned it all? In my own home! It was a brilliant move and a beautiful day. I don't tear easily but the tears came pouring out.
I was not only surprised by the surprise, but by the warmth, love and atmosphere on the day. I couldn't believe that so many friends took the time out to gather on my account. I was truly touched.

No matter how much we prepare or second guess the future, surprises have a way of showing up. Some good, some bad, some pleasant some unpleasant. We may do all we know to do to plan against a surprise, but just like my baby shower, you may still be shocked/surprised by an event or someone's attitude.
My prayer for you is that just like my shower was pleasant, may God surprise you immensely. With good things, may your expectations be met, your joy over flow, health restored and hope renewed.

Even with your best effort at second guessing God's goodness, may he blow your cotton socks off when that which you have waited for and expect becomes a reality, as he exceed all your expectations.

So I urge you to enjoy the moment as you wait for God to show up in your situation. His surprises are always pleasant.
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