25 June 2011

The Emperor's Friend

The Emperor's friend.

Was there a time in your life you did some thing or anything to please anyone? A friend, sibling, a parent, a colleague, for fear of loosing the relationship or gaining favor. If we are truly honest with ourselves, we will agree that we've all done so and do so daily, weather it's giving in to a spouses demand, a child's plea, putting up with the unreasonable request of a sibling or nasty attitude of a friend. 

I believe that whatever we tolerate we allow or give permission to continue, regardless of our intention and in allowing or tolerating unreasonable behavior we crucify something else, our ability to excise control, decent behavior, integrity, honesty and  all that's good .

We may not know it and may think we are doing the right thing by caving in therefore avoiding conflict, but what  we are doing is giving our seal of approval for bad behaviour to continue. 

In John 19, we see this behaviour in
Pilate. He  was reluctant to crucify Jesus, but he was not ready to lose the friendship of the emperor. Choosing rather to crucify all that's good and true.  yes it was part of God's grand plan, but God's plan would still have come to pass had he decided to do the tight thing.

While Pilate's act was part of God's plan, and we can see the result today. can we say that of our actions or inability to take a stand?if it's part of God's plan, can we point to one positive outcome as a result of our action.
What's the effect on us, others, in allowing and encouraging bad behavior? 

You may remain the emperor's friend, but lose your integrity. if you fail to take a stand. 

So i urge you to be bold and take a stand against all that's evil, if that means losing a friend, sibling, colleague, or anybody else, (all some form of emperor) because an emperor is an important person, so be it. 
 But remember evil  trives when good refuses to flourish.  
So i urge you straight from my heart is this piece encouraging you to flourish, grow, be decisive, daring without demanding,
Firm without being incorrigible
Helpful without being proud
Bold without being boastful. 
Active without being awful.
Caring without being spiteful.
Remain bless as you decide whose side you want to be on. 
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