31 July 2011

Total Abandoment.

Every thing changes, really?

I am a mom? Woohoo!!! And I am loving it. Sleepless nights, poo? Cries? All piece of cake. Yuke, some may say, but it borders me not.

Being a mun reminds me of another father, our Heavenly Father.
Here are a few things I do which reminds me of God's love.

I meet every need of my daughter as much as I can
I turn/respond whenever she cries
I try to guess what her needs are, I anticipate them in order to meet them
I stay awake when she's awake
I sleep light now she's here

I some times turn up the volume of my music when I am taking my well deserved rest so that her cries won't disturbe me, while my mum looks after her.

As hard as it is, I sometimes do stuff which I believe is for her good. I.e, let her sleep in her cot, so that she gets use to sleeping there, even though she sometimes doesn't want to, get her to go at least 2.3 to 3 hours before her feed, sometimes I feed her when she needs.

Play with her, talk to her and smile at her.
Without giving too much away these are some of the delights I enjoy with her.

This is frail me, finite human with failings. My daughter is totally dependent on me. This is what God wants of us, that we are totally abandoned to him, totally, no ifs or buts, no figuring things out on our own.

There are some processes he may decide to take us through, for our own good. Just like me trying to get my four weeks old daughter to sleep in her crib is for her own good. It's hard on me to see her cry. So too it's hard for our father to see us go through pain, but as long as the end result is achieved, the process is necessary.
God does not fall asleep like I do and wakes up when I cry or call, non does he takes his eyes off us to attend to some bigger world problems like the famine in Somalia or the tusuami or the massacre in Norway sad as these events are, he values you as much as them.
All he ask of you is that you trust him.

He doesn't take a break and hand us over to someone else, like I do, to look after because he needs a break. He doesn't need a break, he doesn't take one because he is the almighty, he is ever present to meet our every need. Now, that's reassuring.

My little girl trust me without knowing it, her cries and demands are with expectations. Imagine what will happen if we have such trust in our Heavenly Father. I am learning to do that, now that I have a child. Abandoned trust have a new meaning.

So straight from my heart is this post to encourage you to be abandoned to him, in the good and bad times, when you can't figure out how your future will turn out and when you can, when difficult situation seems to be a constant in you your life, when winter lingers even though it's suppose to be summer months, trust, trust, trust, he's got your case sorted and it won't be long before he shows up.

Lord, i want to be like a little child before you. Totally trusting, abandoned to your purpose and perfect will. And when at times I have to go through pain, help me know you are working it out for my good.

With Love
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