19 December 2011

Be Merry...and show love

Christmas is just days away, I am so excited because I have my gift already, our precious daughter. Seeing the expression on her face as she looks at the lights and decoration is priceless.

Each Christmas, we give cards and little tokens of thanks to those who are not our friends, people who we don't often say anything to but who are very useful to us on a daily and weekly basis. There are also people for whom Christmas will not be fun for one reason or another, they may have lost their jobs, a loved one, suffered an illness or are away from loved ones. Spare a thought for these souls as you tuck into your dinner this Christmas.

Some people pay lip service to loving others, but do go a step further,

Do look for and identify someone who might' be alone or not have the means for Christmas dinner, and invite or spend time with them.
Statistic shows that more than at any other time of the year, the period leading up to and after Christmas is the saddest and loneliest for some.

Look around you, who can you invite over, or spend time with? Apart from sending our usual Christmas card, we can seek out someone truely in need and give them a gift of what they need.

Let this indeed be a season to be jolly as you trolly down the aisle,
Swish and sway as you put on the glittery lights, and hum to merrily on high.
Say pause and watch, some may need your kind presence or gesture as a gift.
And when the season is ended, gifts exchanged and forgotten,
let one gift stand out,,,

that of your self in making someone's Christmas truly merry, by the gift of your love.
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