23 November 2011


I often get all sorts of mail, one mail in particular always opens like this. You've been selected for one of these gifts, £150, £500, and up to £10,000 cash, but there is a catch, register to receive our credit. Card or make a minimum purchase of £100 from us and be on our mailing list, some of these mails are from companies I know others are not. The catch phrase  headline is always the award, while the conditions stay hidden. 
Sometimes you'll be told you've won an amount, but to collect your price you have to call a premium  number which will cost a lot of money. So nothing is as free as it seems there is always a catch. 
This got me thinking, why is the catch hidden? Why isn't that the main thing since what you've got to do is what guarantees the price?
Well they know most people will be attracted by the lure of an award.

Same with our adversary the devil, he often package his price in the lure of good things. He never tells you there's a bitter price to pay when you fall for his tricks, his sole aim is to get us first, then when we are deeply in his grip, we find it difficult to get out. 
What are you being tempted with today? Look critically at what you've yielded to and if you have fallen for his dirty tricks, come out you don't have to stay there. 
Are you in the grip of sexual addiction, achololism, food, work, excessive spending or other lure? Ask God to help you get out of it's grip. 
And be on alert for the tempting offers draped in attractive prices. If it's too good to be true it probably is. 
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