17 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day

She takes on many task for the joy it brings
Chores no one else would do
Her days can be described as fun, chaotic, sometimes manic.
She polishes her wares,
Decorates her home
Adores her kids in their finest
Mums the word
When it's cold or hot
She remains steadfast
The glue which holds her home together
She can be whatever she wants
She can be stern, soft, loving, forgiving, gentle, rough, playful, skillful, all these and more.

Some call her mum, other mama, others mother. God mother, step mother, If you are in any if this categories Happy mother's day

Her smiles are reassuring
Like a rain bow after a storm
Her appearance gives confidence.
On a hot summer's day,
her arms offer a refreshingly cool embrace.
Mornings are happier with her warm bowl of porridge
Evenings made better with her soup of pumpkin and apple pie.
Mothers, without them the world will cease to be, mothers are the center of our world, with them we are reminded of God's love for us.

When I think of sunshine I think of you, your smile warms up the room
When I need peace I run to you,
Your words of encouragement fills me with hope
Your loving admonishment endears you to many,
Your kind and gentle ways has begotten you many sons and daughters
When I think of fun I remember you.
You are full of joy, hope, love and life.
You are my world mum I love you more each day.
Your presence Filled our hearts and home with love.
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