3 April 2012

Love Came down

I love every season of every year, I also love the occasions we have to celebrate. We've just had Christmas with all its trimmings. Now it's Easter, with Easter eggs and hot cross buns, why not!!!!!

As we prepare to relax and celebrate the resurrection of our saviour Jesus I just can't help but look at my life and how he's blessed me. I am grateful for this and for the cross, because of the cross and his blood I am here today.

Jesus was born at Christmas, died at Easter (Good Friday) and Rose again on Easter Sunday.
Love brought him to earth, he had all of heaven but choose to come to die to save man from sin.

I love Easter, not just because of Easter eggs and hot cross buns, but because I am reminded of God's wonderful gift of love, His Son, Jesus.

As we remember his death and resurrection do not let it become same old time of the year of having a few days off work, pause and think and give thanks for love came down and saved us.

Happy Easter
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