15 October 2012


What does it feels like to be rejected? To not be wanted or acknowledged.
Rejection does not have to be out right refusal of your person. It can be subtle
Gradual or outright silence of an idea. ( I.e you suggest an idea and are meant with silence) no affirmation or refusal.

I have felt rejected before and I know most people have. I've come to realise that being rejected sometimes have nothing to do with what we do or did not do, but may be the inability of the other person to handle us. (Our successes or failures).
A feeling of rejection of whatever kind can lead to dejection, sadness, and depression.

This is the reason  why a lot of abandoned children grow up as adult feeling unwanted amongst feelings of sadness, depression, and dejection.  

Rejection from loved ones, close friends, siblings,  families,  hurt the most and through no fault of our own we sometimes carry the guilt for a long time...

I have decided to live life without feelings of rejection
I know I am accepted in the beloved, when Christ died for me, he included me in a big family of love and nothing can separate me from his love. 

I've been ignored, turned down, overlooked, insulted and been outright rejected. Regardless  I've felt loved. It's important not to allow yourself to feel unwanted. 
Go to therapy, seek help, deal with the issues, but do not think less of yourself. 
I urge you straight from my heart,  if you've been rejected or feel rejected to shake off the guilt, 
See your self in a new light, loved and wanted
Fulfilled and empowered
Renew your strength in actively living life
Strife to love those who may have rejected you
Near or far.
Return no ill for ill
But rather love until you are spent. 

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