2 September 2012

What's Your Grudge

So you've been lied to,
Lied about,
Talked about,
Used, missued and abused,
Stood up.
Ignored and negelected in your time of need
Should I countinue........,
The list is endless, yet it seems these are amongst many reasons we give for being estranged, angry and bitter about others

Sad as your ordeal may have been, if you cannot find it in your heart to forgive, then you are inflicting as much pain to those whom you claimed to have hurt you as they did to you. Bravo, you've had your pound of flesh, you are even, no  better than them.
I say this because too many people claim to be victims, yet they do the exact same thing they accuse others off.

In heaven, there areno grudges, no enstragements, which is why Jesus told us to reconcile with any one any issues we have with them, because if heaven is your aim, you can't go there with grudges, you won't enter. You can't take them in and you won't enter either.
So hold on to your precious cargo......

So for all those who are estranged from, father, friends, family, mothers, children with good reasons, (I do not make light of your predicament) you better start making peace on Earth, because there will be no place for enstrangement in heaven.

I find it funny when people say they love God and yet anger, hatred and sadness is better used to describe their person.
They are in constant conflict with others, with themselves and the world.  

I once heard someone say, I don't do friends, people always misunderstand me, so I've decided to be on my own.

Hello, there's no isolation in heaven,  and people will be people, we may mean well but as long as we are alive,  even with the best intentions, our actions or inactions will hurt others.
If you come to realise this, you are on your way to being at peace with others and  forgiveness will come easy to you. This has helped me in all my relationships with PEOPLE

Earth is a training ground for either Hell or Heaven. Carry on with your grudges, pretend to have moved on, but if your dealings with them is less than cordial and amicable, know that your destination is already decided.

 When others extend a friendly hand chop it, off.
 We all may have had terrible experiences in the past, hence our attitude which causes us to behave in this manner, we may have been hurt, physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally by people.
Be that as it may, only a renewed mind, can enter Heaven.
 You may be your own hindrance from going there.
Again I remind you, People will hurt, abuse, misuse, laugh, gossip, etc you. Why? Because they are people.
We cannot control what others do to us. But we can choose to love them, be at peace with them and even though we move on, most importantly, hold no grudges.
A Christ like attitude is one which says\"father forgive them"
A not so Christ like attitude is one which says an "eye for an eye"

You choose!!!!!
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