29 December 2013

No Ordinary Present

A present that changes things
It's no ordinary present 
However it did'n come wrapped in fine wrapping paper, 
none was it covered in fine tinsels, 
From the outside it looked plain, undeseriable, unattractive, 
It exteriors lacked any lure
It looks dull as a grey morning sky
This present is nonetheless important,

This present changes things; this present was a baby, born in a stable, where animals lay. 
Lives were taken on account of its birth
Kings trembled at the thought of its arrival
It's presence was announced to the world,
A star appeared when he was born, this star led many to him
An ordinary present? Think again.
Hope was kindled at his birth, 
Fears banished
Sorrow turned to joy. 
Wise men gave him gifts, odd as he was a gift himself.
This present was given to all, 
If accepted and unwrapped, it will become yours, 
it's light will brighten your life 
it brings joy which makes everything beautiful
It gives hope which gives a reason to live.

This present? JESUS. 

Merry Christmas. 

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