1 January 2014

Happy New Year.

The end of a year is the beginning of a new year. Life is a cycle, whatever has a beginning also has an ending. 
For some the year ends with sadness, lost of hope, life, health. For others, the year aheads looks bleak, with no promise of anything good.
Happy New Year? Hardly. 

Regardless of how the year ends, the year ahead is blank and unknown, you can fill the pages of each day with deliberate acts of kindness, love, joy, and  hope.

Some things are within your control others are not, so do whatever you can and labour not on what you can't control. 
Whatever you do, let it be something you can look back on at the end of this year and be proud. 

Telling others Happy New Year and receiving same is a declaration into the year. 
Say it, expect it, believe it. 

Happy New Year. 
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