24 May 2014

No More Pain


Pain, these four letter word causes so much grieve daily. Pain, is an ever present partner in our lives. If not directly, indirectly.
Pain when will I be free of thee?
Thin hand, do tightly gripe
I feel your pinch deep in my bones like the piecing of a dagger
Your blades are sharper than a double edge sword
Your intensity is seen as you carry on
Pain, when will I be rid of thee, will you ever let go?

All over the world we hear or read of stories of injustices which causes emotional pain. While most of us suffer from one form of physical pain or another due to illness, or injuries, we also experience emotional pain as we either sympathise or empathise with issues which plaque our fellow human.

We share in the pain of the abduction of 280 school girls in Northern Nigeria
We also recently shared in the pain of the missing Malaysia airliner
We share in the pain of the mud slide victims in America
We empathise with the victims of the mining accident in Turkey
We as a nation shared in the pain the winter flood brought when lives and homes where destroyed.
We also shared in the pain of our fellow brothers and sisters in the passing of a loved one.
The list is endless. We are in constant pain.
O pain, we desire to be ride of thee.

Let your eyes and thought be cast, scarcely on pain, though it beseech thee and surrounds you, for We have a sure promise of an end, to live a life free from any type of pain.
There awaits the believer a promise written in blood, of a new dawn, when sorrow and pain will cease.
Are you currently experiencing pain? Personal pain, emotional pain Empathy pain, sympathy pain?
Think on this revelation 21, I am encouraged by the knowledge that our desire to be ride of pain will be realised one day. There shall be no more pain. No more pain? Where?
In this earth? No more pain, I want to leave in that world where the presence of pain is absence. O what joy.
The absence of pain means there will be no more sorrow, no more tears and no more sadness. whatever causes pain also brings sorrow, tears and sadness.
 I am expectant and encouraged by this knowledge

Some day, the master general and Lord of all the earth will take away all our pain again. He did once on the cross, but this time, he will do it finally because we will no longer be in this fallen earth as we know it.
Cheer up now. As you think on these.
No more pain. The thought of it feels me with joy..... And hope......

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