19 April 2014

Dying to Live

I love Denzel Wastington in J Q, the movie. The story of a father whose son was diagnose of a terminal illness and whose life dependent on a donor being found.   When his insurance company refused to cover the cost of the operation, Denzel an everyday working father, turned a hostage taker. He held the hospital staffs to ransom and demanded the operation be carried out.  In order for the procedure to go ahead a match was needed and in the time they had no match had been found. This is the part I love, the father decided to be tested and volunteered for his liver to be removed and given to his son. He was a match and was in the process of undergoing the operation when a match was found. 

He was willing to lay down his life for his son, so that his son might have a chance at life. 
Over 2000 years ago, a father actually gave up His son so that humanity can be found. Unlike Denzel, this father gave up his son to die. 
He went through with it, there was no 11th hour rescue mission to stop His son from dying, because His Son had to die so that Humanity can be saved. 

Here's why he did it, simply to free us from the bondage of sin. 
imagine if he didn't go through with it, just imagine for a second. Where would we be? 
Lost, still paying the penalty for every single unkind word said, 
Every glance of wrath and disdain, met with instant punishment
Every unpleasant thought towards another dished out to us,
Every act of evil and wickedness met with instant judgement, 
Just imagine, will you still be standing? 
His death bought our pardon, gave us a right to stand faultless before His father clothed in grace. 

Here's a song I love

But for grace where would I be, 
Helpless and hopeless
Lost without his mercy
But for love, we'll be lost in misery, 
But for your grace O Lord. 

So in dying we lived, no longer yoked under a clock if salvary, Calvary was the passage through which grace traveled in human form to reach us. 

In Dying,  he saved me, took my place.
In living, He gave me life, unmerited but deserved because of His grace. 

Happy Easter. 

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