31 December 2014

New Territory

It begins with a flurry of well wishes
It continues amidst the ups and downs 
For some it ends as soon as it starts
For others it never began

It did not begin for many reasons
Dreams lay as a heap in their tangled hearts, 
No, not another year to hope again
Nay, I'll rather it doesn't start at all. 

For some it begins with trepidation
As they take cautious steps forward 
They dare to peek through the windows of faith to what lies ahead 
Perhaps they reason,
This year will unfold with floods of yesterdays dreams 

Many venture into it with
Courage, to live on
confidence to attempt feats untried and untested
commitment to see it through
determined to conquer fear
 as they endeavour to venture into territory unknown

Begin 2015 with faith, hope and trust in God, forgetting what is past, look ahead and give wings to your ambitions. 
You made it through that's reason enough to go into the year with zeal and audacious faith. 

Happy New Year. 
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