28 January 2015

God Habits

Spend more time with God. 
Ps 92.1

I love nutritious food and generally lead a healthy lifestyle by being active and all that. 
I also occasionally like to snack,  I love to snack so I excise to counter the extra calories. 
I snack but I cannot survive solely on snacking, I need my daily meals, to nourish my body. 

Some Christians have a snack like relationship with God, they snack a lot on the word. Mix and hit study time,  a dash of prayer here, a sprinkle of praise in the shower, a mild seasoning of fellowship with the believers 2 hours on Sunday morning. They sometimes occasionally feast with God, during Lent or other major church event. 

Friends, just like we need physical food we also need a healthy nutritious meal of God's word and a heathy relationship with him.We need to constantly strengthen our our relationship with him. 

To achieve this, we need to know what is first place in our lives and make time for it. If God is our priority, then we need to create time to study the word and be with Him. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33

There are certain things which keeps us from  having a healthy dose of God. These are

Demands of people. 

People spend more time entertaining themselves than anything else they do, besides work. 
We have become a nation of entertainment so much so that we have very little time for God and His word. The church also has its own entertainment, designed to get us close to God, but more importantly to entertain us. Conferences, concerts, etc, all good, however whatever does not add value to your life with God is not needful. 
There is nothing wrong with work, We need to work, to be creative, to use our skills and gifts. Work provides the needed funds for our daily living to enable us do certain things. We are told that he who does not work should not eat. 2 Thess 3;10. so work is needful. 
However, we need to find that balance where work does  not take the place of God in our lives. After all he gave us the ability to work. Acts 17:28: in him we live and move and have our being. 
If you feel guilty when you rest you are a workaholics, because you feel work is the only thing that adds value to your life. .
We need worship, work and play in order to function. We need to have a heathy balance of those things. Having a good dose of God and His word will bring victories, solutions and peace to every area of our lives. 

Establish a routine this year which involves putting God first in everything. Magnifying Him above everything else, 
He should be first in our lives, not second to work, entertainment and demands of people
Find a routine which works for you and stick with it. Every now and again evaluate your progress and see where you are, take stock and if you feel you have fallen short in your relationship with God reexamine your priorities, doing this will enable you form good God habits not snack bit faith. 

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