15 March 2015

My Quest as a Mother.

As I observe my kids daily, My love for them grows bigger and better, beyond my imagination. I know that they love me just as much. What amazes me about them is their readiness to forgive or forget so easily after I reprimand them. I know they are still kids, but I am still amazed by it all. In its purest form, a child's love can be viewed as perfect love, the kind that we should all strive to attain. This genuineness and simplicity of their love is beautiful to observe.

However, there is danger in this kind of love as the unassuming nature of a sweet child can but should never be misinterpreted. Sadly, stories of abuse abound of one of God's helpless creature being tortured, misused maltreated. 

My quest as a mother is to nurture this love, not abuse it, 
To be grateful for the opportunity to experience this love, not misuse it. 
To cherish and give it wings to flourish, not to suppress it. 
This is my quest as a mother. 

I want my kids to grow up and keep a part of this kind of love
To be a steady example of kindness, fairness, love, patience, 
To live a life worthy of emulating 
My aim is to show them that it's ok to be wrong and accept forgiveness while giving the same
To hate in justice and work for what is good
To feed their mind while nourishing their physical bodies, 
To show them that when their love is rejected, it's nothing to do with them and to 
know that love can be found again. 
To help them be better human beings in every way

I know that as kids they love and want anything that gives them the feeling of being happy, they want anything sweet and chocolatey. This not what happiness is about, I 
To make them know that happiness  and their true worth is not in who their friends are or In their jobs, their social standing, or how wealthy they are, none is it in the things they have or can get. 
But true worth can be found in helping the needy and finding their true purpose in life, in this they can experience real joy, and sense of worth. 

I ask God for the strength to help me do this. 
This is my quest, my job, my mandate and my manifesto as a mother. 

Happy Mother's Day. 

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