26 March 2015

The next 3 days

And his hands were pierced 
The nails went through his flesh reaching his veins, cutting tissues and ligaments, 
They tore through, blood gushed out. 
Each piercing was a piercing at his heart
His was a cry of agony and utter despair
And his feet were nailed, each thud was felt deep in his soul and also by His father 
Each nail caused his heart to rise and fall
As he was whipped, each spike ripped through his skin, peeling removing and rendering it a deep wound. 

And his head had a crown 
Each thorn dug deep into his scull 
Each pull, cut through veins, blood poured out covering his face, making him unsightly.   
And he was pulled
Spat on
Laughed at
Tugged at
On the road to death, he was deserted. 
And his death felt lonely.... 
He died as silence fell across the land, 
and the story continues... 

Man breaths 
the earth wait 
silence greets the skies
Even His enemies waited as
Earth's flame went out 
For the expectation of what might be, 
The 3 days felt like 3 years, 

the sea was calm, 
His disciples hid and morn his death
Silent grips the land as 
Gloom embraces the earth.
Man waited through the next 3 days. 

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