12 June 2015

The Word

What is the word of God? And why is it vital to our daily existence? The "Word" is important because without it we are just ordinary people, the "Word" makes us extra ordinary.

God's word is our daily food, it contains vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals our body, soul and spirit needs. If this is so, why then do so many Christians struggle to lay hold of all there is to lay hold of within the word? 

I can't help but notice the latest trend amongst my Christian friends, they forward and pass around prayers and blessings spoken or declared by men. I.e their pastor, bishops, reverend etc. I have nothing against such prayers or men of God, what I do not subscribe to is that they can supplement God's word. 

What is a supplement you may wonder. The dictionary defines it as something added to compete a thing, make up for a defiance or strengthen the whole. 

I recent became interested in the supplements industry as part of my current business. Supplements are additional vitamins, minerals or nutrients we take in addition to our daily food. They are needed to provide us with certain vitamins/nutrients or minerals we may lack from our diets. 
As important as supplements are we are encouraged to get our recommended dose of vitamins from our food. This is often not the case due to our busy lifestyles, hence the growth in the supplements industry. 

Sadly some Christians supplement Gods word with those of a preacher.  Quoting a preacher rather than the tried, tested and infallible word of God. This should not be the case. The word of God should be our main resource, not a supplement. It is complete and lacks nothing. 

A Christian should be immersed in the word, living, breathing and speaking it and not depended on someone else's interpretation of it. 

God is His word, before the word was formed, He was. God's word spoken into any situation brings tremendous power. 
Let's begin to declare the word of God over sickness and every area of our lives. For the word to be active we need the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit acting on the word of God is all that is needed for the word to be active. Nothing else will supplement or assist it apart from the Holy Spirit, because He is one with the word.

David esteem the word of God higher than God's name. Because Jesus was not yet come in David's time, all they had was the word. I don't know what circumstance David found himself which made him declare that God had exalted his word above His name. All I know is that we have both the Word, His Name and the Holy Spirit with us today. That is enough. No word or declaration of man can assist the word to do what it was sent to do. 

As mentioned above, I know some Christians often quote their leaders, my pastor says this, my bishop declares that. As important as our men of God, their words cannot supplement the "Word".
It may all be good, nice, motivational words, however, if it is not in line with the Word of God it lacks power

Number 11:23, you shall see now whether my word shall come to pass or not.
Here God has promised provision for His people, but Moses could not see how, he looked to the crowd and wondered in unbelief. According to one writer: He looked to the creature instead of the Creator. But doth the Creator expect the creature to fulfil his promise for him? No; he who makes the promise fulfils it by his own unaided omnipotence. If he speaks, it is done--done by himself. His promises do not depend for their fulfilment upon the co-operation of the puny strength of man. We can at once perceive the mistake which Moses made. And yet how commonly we do the same! 

God's word is active, powerful and shaper than any double edge sword, let it be your food and declaration in any situation. 

Our religious activities like church attendance, charitable works, fasting and praying are all good Christian deeds, but they are no substitute for the "Word". 

We were admonished not to live by bread alone, but by every word which comes out of the mouth of God. For me it literary means we should cling to Gods word as if our life depends on it. 

Get in the habit of studying and meditating on the Word, because

it is effective, it carries the power of tens of thousands of dynamite, 
the word changes, it brings a turn around to any situation. 
the word delivers, it unlocks prison doors and stops the mouth of lions. 
the word heals, he sends His word and it heals us from our sickness.

The word restores, it replenishes the dying soul and revives the faint hearted.
The word is a guide, it illuminate our path and gives light to our feet. 
The word sets free those entangled with the York of sin. 
The word brings joy, it replaces the gloom in mans heart for the joy of the Holy Spirit. 
The word is God Himself. 

Let the word of God dwell in you richly for it is in it we will find great success. 

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