21 June 2015

A Salute to Fathers

It's Father's Day today and I want to dedicate this to all fathers, real or imagined. Now or in the future. 

Fathers who will and are raising faithful, tenacious, dedicated, strong children. 

Fathers who will arise and build their home and not destroy it

Fathers who will be a positive role model for their children and every young person they will come across.

Fathers who will love unconditionally, care unreservedly and provide unfailing 

To fathers who will not abdicate their role to mothers, society, teachers but will help, support, uphold and cherish their children.  

To Fathers who will bring a sweet FRAGRANCE of faith, Godly fear and wholesome flavor to their children 

Fathers who will RISE and help their kids attain their very best

Fathers who are TENACIOUS in business and TENDER in discipline 

fathers who are HELPERS in every way, building and not bring down

To fathers who are ENABLERS, ENCORAGERS and 

Fathers who are RAISING champions and are ready to do whatever it takes. 

I salute you. 
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