13 September 2015

What Makes You Happy

I am not happy mummy, stuttered my little girl. 
Mum: why are you unhappy? 
Child: because I am sad. 
Mum: why are you sad. 
Child: I don't know. 

Mum: think about it: why are you sad. 

Child: with hand in mouth, a thoughtful cute expression on her face 
Suddenly smiled and said, I am happy mummy. 

Kids, they are the cutest innocence creatures God created
This got me thinking about what makes us happy?
We are happy when we have a good summers day
We are sad when it is winter, it's cold or it's a rainy wet day
We are happy when we hear good news 
And sad when bad news greets us. 

Our happiness is predicated on something happening to, in and around us. Hence our daily state of being is based on our daily happenings, which determines whether we are happy or sad. 

Sometimes we are unhappy because being overly happy and optimistic is frown on by society. So in order to blend in around other unhappy people we wear an unhappy expression.  Which is sometimes necessary in funerals and weddings. 

So it is no surprise that in summer months everyone is happy because every one blends in. Same in winter months, some wear a sad gloomy, grey expression because everyone does the same. 

We are created with emotions of being happy or sad, nothing wrong with that. However the unfortunate thing happens when we remain in a permanent state of sadness. We can't seem to be happy when something good happens to us or one else, but easily identify with ill tidings. We just cannot understand why people are overly unhappy. 

Straight from my heart is this piece to encourage you that regardless of what is happening around you, do not blend in. We cannot be happy all the time, (although some people are). let's snap out of an unhappy state quickly, because the truth is, being sad or unhappy, is infectious. 

We often avoid anyone with an infectious disease, from the mildest cold to severe cases of Ebola. We go to great lengths to avoid contact with such persons. Why then are we comfortable around unhappy people? Those whom we know are always in a constant state of being sad.  
We expose ourselves to them, become use to them and wonder why we too are unhappy. 

The bible tells us to guard our hearts, for me this means being aware of threats to my state of being happy or joyous and to protect myself with the word of God. 
Do not give unhappy thoughts room to spread. They are like disease, once they infect you, it spreads fast infecting everyone you come in contact with, who in turn will have no choice but to blend in. 

If your unhappy state is as a result of things which happened in your past, seek help. Address these issues and try to find closure to arrive at peace shores. (Of course, if you have suffered the loss of a love one, it is normal to grieve for your loss, remember your love one fondly and in time your pains will become bearable).

However, If you are one of those who are in a permanent state of being sad regardless, do a embark on a soul searching excise, find out the reason for your state of sadness, address them, with help. 
Pause and think, you may find that there really is nothing to be sad about. Even if there is, find joy in Christ, be assured of his promises, let them fill you with hope. 

The realisation that Christ in you is all you need, will cause you to break out in a big smile and do a dance of happiness. Embrace your present life and enjoy the sense of freedom being happy brings. 

Then think about what makes you happy or can make you happy: 

Perhaps it's the blooming of a rose in summer 
The buzzing of the flying bees, flapping and dance to the inviting lure of sweet nectar
Perhaps it's the chiming of church bells as it rings out its worship call
Or the pitta patter of rain drops on the roof tops
Perhaps, it's the lapping of ocean waves rising up high, displaying the beauty of the power of creation

Perhaps, it's the chorus of choir singing melodious tunes in the dark
It maybe, the sight of your love ones, which causes your heart to skip a beat
Or it's the kindness of strangers
Or the dream of a better dawn

And the vision of greater things to come or
The laughter of a child dancing in the rain
The quietness of dawn, heralding the birth of a new day
Or the glow of sunset, displaying its golden hue on the horizon 
Whatever makes you happy maybe real or imagined.
Regardless of what it is,  be happy.  

Psalm 146:5 Happy is the one whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD 

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