17 November 2015

Jesus, the Key.

Running late, I frantically looked for my car keys. I had them a few moment ago, where have I dropped them?  I muttered to myself. 

I must say, I often absent mindedly drop both my car and house keys only to end up looking for them moments before I leave the house.  

Usually, I have every other thing I need to go out, stuff for my kids, my personal and business effects, and whatever else need packing. Only to realise at the 99th minute, I don't have my keys, the most important thing which I need to get to our destination.  

Do you ever find yourself there? Running late and can't find the most important thing you need for your journey? 
It can be anything, our car keys, hand bag, an important document. 
Something you need for your everyday living.

As Christmas approaches there's the temptation to focus on everything else but the one thing which is at the centre of if all. Jesus.  
Year after year the vibe and preparation tops the previous years.  

We all run hither thither looking for something  of real worth to give our love ones, friends and family, etc. maybe just maybe they need something else, a key that unlocks all doors. Jesus. 
They are searching for something to fill a void in their lives, without knowing it. let's present Jesus to them,  the one who makes it all better, the giver of life, the hope of the hopeless, the strength for those who are weak.  
The joy of the broken hearted,  
The enabler, the redeemer of the whole world.

Stop for a minute, do you think he's worth giving as a gift to someone you love. Someone who do not currently know him? 
Maybe they do know him but are downcast, lonely, miserable and and really in need of a kind of word, a warm embrace and encouraging prayer.    

Introducing Jesus to our friends and everyone around us will help them unlock the secret to everyday living.
So even though we suffer the same trials, pain of loss of health, or a love one, we have a hope that's secured in Christ.  

One that reassures us of a better future, one that makes living right now, here on earth bearable. 

So amidst the chaotic, parade, let's invite Jesus to take centre stage in our lives because he's the reason we celebrate.  

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