25 March 2017


Mothering is indescribable, it cannot be confine into a single word
It's meaning is varied and comes with many tags. 

Mothering is baking without being a baker
it is tutoring without being a teacher
It is making things without being a trained skilled worker
It is mending without being a Taylor 
It is crafting without being a trained craftsman
It is painting and drawing without being an artist 
It is designing without being a designer 
It is telling jokes without being a comedian 
It is dancing without being a dancer
It is mending wounds without being a doctor.
It is being a counsellor without being a lawyer
It is being a guard without being a security agent
It is cooking without being a trained chef. 
Mothering is seeing all things without being God
It is pretending to be bat man without watching the movie. 
It is having 12 children and loving them all in the different ways with one big heart

Mothering is a joy,
A chore
An adventure 

Mothering is not the toughest job in the world it's the only job where we can be all things to our children - that makes it the most intricate job. 

It is a fine balancing act between being a human being and super human being

It is crying and laughing at the same time, 

Mothering is the only job where you watch your heart work out the door every single day and somehow still stays alive. 
Mothers never retire, 
Never give up hope
Always believed 
Forever loves 

A mother's is a steady hand, guiding, holding, rocking. 

If mothering was a paid job none would apply 
Because the salary will never be enough. 

Mother simply means is to me 
Making - others
Magnifying - others
Moulding - others

Because they constantly make others better, beautiful, abled, and fulfilled… , 

Happy Mother's Day. 

Restorers 🌝today and always
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