12 April 2017

True Stories

On the 7 April 2008, up to three inches of snow fell in some parts of England and temperatures were below freezing in many places. It was reported as the worst snow in 20 years.

IN 1954 Roger Bannister made history by running a mile in less than 4 minutes . It was a feat never accomplished before, to run a mile was by far the most fascinating sports story of the day, it went down in the guinness book of records. Such stories were worth telling to future generations.

On a Sunday morning during a rural church service a vicar eat a daffodil to make a point. Afterwards he confessed that it tasted horrible and advised against it…

What's common with these stories? It was retold by witnesses. I was not there when they happened. Witnesses who were present at the time spread the news. 

Anyone can disbelief these stories, they can contend with the facts and details Of how it happened. They can argue that it was impossible for these events to have taken place because they were not there.
Regardless, their unbelief does not change history, it happened because there were witnesses.
Same thing with the Easter story. It was told by witnesses who were present as the events unfold. It was documented, told and retold and is still being retold today. Just like a Vicar Witness another Vicar eating a daffodil to prove a point and just as there were thousands of witnesses who watched a man run a mile for the very first time..

Fairy tales? Far from it, real events have presence, because people lived through it.
Jesus friends and community lived through his death. The saw it happened.
They watched him died, they hurdled across door ways whispering in the dark about the events that led to his death.
How he healed the sick, cleanse the possessed, fed the hungry and dined with the outcast- and raised the dead.
Some wished they believed him when he was with them. They cried inconsolable at the demise of one of them.
Then the really big news, how he got up from the grave, appeared to his friends, and how they touched his nailed pierced hands, feet and sides. How he brought joy and hope when he rose again and ascended into Heaven. 
Real events witness by real people retold from generation to generation.
The Easter story is real because not only did people see it happen, but because the Man Jesus, lives in everyone who believes and accepts him as Lord and Savior. He comes into their hearts and reveals himself to them again. He bears witness of himself. Now, that's real.
That's the real story of Easter, He himself coming to our hearts. If you do not know him already ask him into your heart and you too will experience him for yourself.

He is alive, it is not a fairy tale it happened and I am a witness.

Happy Easter
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