4 February 2008

Hope in Love

Valentine is here again, a season to love and be loved, but sadly for some it is the most dreaded day of the year as it conjures memories of things better forgotten.

Some may have been hurt in the past or lost a love they thought they had, or simply feel very lonely as that special person is not close by. But there is hope in love, if you are one of those feeling “not again”, because you’ll feel left out. Don’t be, look around you, valentine is not just for lovers or spouses, it is for everyone. It is for you, start planning what you will do not just on that day but days leading to it. Pamper yourself, call you sister, or brother, mum or dad, a close mate and hook up, they too can be your special valentines and you never know you might just make somebody feel special.

And if you still feel lonely after all that, look up there is hope in love! So straight from my heart is a wish that you will hope in love as we enter the seasons of love.

Affection given
Tenderly holding a gaze
Passion ebbs from the look he can see
Giving meaning to his every existence
Not of lust he sort but of a meaning of true worth he craves
And now he has found
The one true meaning of his existence
In that gaze, that holds him captive.

Hearts reunited in hope….
That a longing can be satisfied
In one moment of silence commune
In that which is unspoken....
Yet resounding loudly with it’s intend
Satisfyingly refreshing is the aura it brings

Not of love
For it’s indescribable,
Not of words for it defies meaning
Not of desires for it doesn’t end
But of lives woven and entwined
In all that embodies love…..
Giving meaning to his existence
That there is hope in love.

© Deboo February 2008
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