20 May 2008

Tear drop in the rain.


Swirling winds, blowing around,
Thunderous sounds rings through the air
Beneath the shadows,
A figure lay
Rugged clothes hung on his back
His head droop to his chest,
His doom loom
His future blown away, it seems with the wind
From his face drops a tear,
It goes unnoticed in the rain
His muffled sound mingled with the thunderous sounds
Not heard by frail men
As time passes
The rain ceases,
His gaze clears now,
But his tear remain
Only now in the dept of his soul
Seen only by one who is touched by his pain!

PhotobucketI’ve heard this words time and time again “we’ve all go issues”, “everyone has problem”. Even the bible says it all; man that is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble. But there are some people whose issues when told…. Leaves us speechless, speechless because of the severity, we feel helpless and sad because we cannot begin to understand how a being like us is able to go through such pain and still find the strength to go on.

You may not be faced with terminal illness, or natural disaster, but to you, your issue is as severe as that of the man face with the grim news that his wife will pass any time soon, with a terminal illness, or the guy in china who has lost all in the earthquake. Put things in perspective, and don’t be too engrossed by your pain, be thankful for your pain, yes, be thankful, because if you were asked to exchange your trouble for someone else’s, chances are that you’ll say no, why?

Because you don’t know what you’ll be exchanging it for and you’ll rather deal with what you’ve always dealt with than to be faced with totally new sets of troubles. So be thankful and spare a thought for those whose pains are so burdensome they’ll rather cry in their heart than share their pain……

All rights reserves© Deboo May 2008

Relevant bible references:
proverbs 17:5
Job 14:1

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