29 May 2008

Good out of Evil

Fallen trees, lay naked
Rain takes their toil on earth,
Leaving muddy soils, and slippery slopes
Cries for help ring out,
As birds flap their wings, looking for nest,
But for the destruction their homes lay waste.

Not a cry for nourishment,
But one for lost ones,
Swept away by the fierce wind of
Nature’s hand.

I am sure most of us are aware of the unfortunate earthquake that rocked china, and Burma. The news is full of sad stories of families and entire generations washed away by this tragic event, but one story struck me. It is that of a pregnant woman, buried underneath the rubble. She was found alive and gave birth to a baby girl the people of the village saw it as a good sign and that gave them hope.
Storms of life will blow and we will be faced with moments of confusion that causes so much pain.

It is difficult to look up and be hopeful when facing difficult situations, encouragement often times is taken with a pinch of salt…. Like saying hmm…. I’ve heard it before, but out of chaos and trouble can come good. I am not saying that we should pray for bad things to happen so that we can see good, but if truth be told, some of us have looked back at a difficult situation and smiled because we now see the good, which we didn’t see at the time.

It is important to remain hopeful in the mist of our trials and difficulty, to stay connected with families and friends, and more importantly to God the heavenly father who feels our pain and is working something out for our good. While the reason for our pain may not be clear now in time we will come to see why and look back with a smile…. So straight from my heart is this piece to encourage anyone who feels that it is over and can’t find the strength to go on…. Just hang in there…. Maybe just maybe, good is lurking in the shadows.


Then came a cry, the sound of life from the depths of pain
A life birthed in the mist of disaster but
Signifying hope

A life that has brought consolation to many a soul
A life seen as good, for it came out of the evil there was
Out of the chaos,
A life….. Signifying there is newness in every state of despair and
Hope renewed in the knowledge of this newness of life

© Deboo May 2008.
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