8 May 2008

"The Still Small Voice"


A daily scurry of task
Like flights on a busy air strip
Each important, can’t wait
A voice speaks
Not resounding loudly,
It’s ignored, albeit not intentional.

Many times in life we are faced with choices, and have to make a decision as to which one to choose, often we are torn between two ‘important’ decisions and if care is not taken can make the wrong choice. Making a decision involves careful planning and consideration. Weighting both pros and cons of the choices we are faced with. Often time the outcome of one may seem more attractive making it easier to settle for it, but we have to be careful and look beyond what we can see. I believe that many of lives problems and regrets will be avoided if we had waited a little bit longer, hesitated a little bit and research a little about past actions and choices. Some decisions are made from pressure, societal pressure, family pressure and even pressure we placed on ourselves, again consider the facts, weight each decision carefully and prayerfully ask God for guidance.
He is always speaking to us in different ways, some can hear him audibly, he speaks through people, but sometimes his voice goes unheard because it is still, quiet, gently, not forceful but persistent. To hear the “still small voice” we have to sieve our minds of things that cloud our thought so that the still small voice can be audible amidst the chaos of life. Photobucket

It does linger on,
Many times till life’s passing,
Yet it goes unheeded.

It’s the “Still Small Voice”
Always present, prodding, luring, whispering
To the ears of our heart
Sometimes pleading….. In the most dire circumstances!

It persist, not forcefully but steadily,
Not of intensity, but subtly, persuasively,
Yet it’s downed in the hectic schedule of activities, that
Strives for attention.
Dulling our senses of hearing.
It’s’ “the still small voice.”

And as time is spent in important chores,
And errors litter the slopes of man’s path,
It may become clearer “amidst the haze of chaos”
Only then heard loudly what for long
Was a whisper “The Still Small Voice”.

I find my solace in refreshing streams of quiet sounds
As I wait to hear from the wisdom that flows from your heart
Fill my ears with truths enough for each day
And when at even tide I lay to rest,
Do speak lord for your servant hears.

© Deboo May 2007
Pictures by "photo bucket"

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