13 September 2008


In recent weeks, we’ve listened to the forecast of storms around the coast of the American, Cuba and the shores of the West Indies and the devastation hurricane “Ike” and “Hanna” left in the Caribbean islands, the floods in the shores of India and the Asia regions. I was fascinated by the forecast as reporter after reporter bombarded us with the dreaded news of what is to come. I understand they have to report the news to make those residents of New Orleans who think they can ride out the storm think again. And did it worked! by the time the storm came New Orleans was a ghost town!

The hurricane gathered momentum and strengthens hence it is classified as category 1 which is less severe, category 2 becomes a state of alertness, category 3, which is definitely a killer hurricane and category 4 which means ……. Just think of the “Tsunami” and Hurricane “Kathrin”.

Reminds me of the storms we go through in life…. The onset of problems and issues in our lives is category 1, we feel a little discomfort, mutter a few prayers, as the problems persist and increases, we sit up and take notice category 2, and then it gathers momentum when all that can wrong begin to go wrong, bills become over due, teenage children become uncontrollable, job on the line, marriage break down, sickness strikes, friends desert us, this can be classed as category 3 “Severe” and then disaster strikes, sickness and diseases ravages, house repossessed, and all hell breaks loose, category 4….. All the while you may have been praying, fasting, calling on fellow brothers and sisters to uphold you, as you recognise you need divine intervention.

During this time our faith may be shaken, you may find yourself questioning your faith, or lack of it, you may repent over and over again of sins of the past, present and future. And until the hurricane subsides, you will go through series of emotional turmoil. It is hard to remain positive, optimistic and hopeful during such times, no matter how hard we try, but our faithful master gently stirs us safely to the shores of peaceful calm. When the tide has ended, and we look around the devastation there was, we will indeed see his hand and smile knowing that he “kept us” in the mist of it all.

So “Straight from my heart” is this piece, to encourage you whatever situation represents a hurricane in your life right now” hang in there the tide will turn, calm will be restored and with it, hope renewed in the knowledge of his love.

Fog so dense, obscuring view from beneath
Signs splash across the skies as hope fade,
Storms gather above as a deluge of rain is forecast.
At its appearing,
It washed off all in its path,
Of ferocious winds, gathering strength in its wake,
The signs are real,
The prospects are sure,
Fear instilled in the hearts of frail men.
But then, fog disappear, storm become calmer,
As the dizzyingly rain frizzles out,
Hope restored and vision becomes brighter.
As we dream again amidst the aftermath of the onslaught of rain.
© Deboo September 2008.
Pictures by "photobucket"
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