19 October 2008


Sometimes we are faced with circumstances that seem insurmountable. We pray and perspire and wish for solutions and the answers seem so far away. We wonder and question why God, Why? It’s then we realise that we can’t always have what we want when we want it and that we will have to wait.

Waiting is not pleasant especially when you are in a hurry or you want to get something done so that you can progress to other things.
Waiting period especially for those who are impatient can be even harder than what we are waiting for.

So whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever you are waiting on God for:
This piece is straight from my heart to encourage you: that though the wait may seem endless and the vision may grow deem:
There is a wait that produces its perfect fruit of peace, which brings an assurance of hope, that doesn’t lead to despair or resignation, but to acceptance of the master’s perfect plan for our lives. So as you wait on God for your heart desires, remember he knows and is working his best for you and will bring it to pass! Wait for it even though it tarry, it will surely, come.

A glance that speaks volume
Seen, but its meaning ignored
A whisper uttered quietly, sternly,

it is heard and acknowledged with a nod.

A glace that became a stare
A whisper, that became a gossip.

These are the little vices
That pieces the heart of the one who waits

The one who waits in the shadow,
With curious glance from all who celebrate,

Wealth, love, and the fulfilment of desires
They wait with a silent prayer uttered,
In the solitude of their heart

They wait while all around move on,
To achieve feats long dreamt of,

They waits...

For that one dream that seems to fade and lingers in the distance

As the heart bleed and cry for its arrival,
But the wait continues

Not out of despair
Or fear
Not out of anger
Or sorrow
Not out of impatience
Or resignation
They wait in joy,
Abounds in hope
Of a dawn that will herald the
Arrival of their heart desires.

© Deboo October 2008.
Pictures by"photobucket"
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