2 February 2009


Hello and welcome to a wonderful snow day! If like me you are snowed in, unless you are a workaholic, it's a much needed day off work. So rather than sit and moan my inability to go to work (not that I did that), I decided to go for a walk in the snow! yes I did, with my Wellington boots, but I had to run back in because, down my end it was really pouring with snow and my boots weren't thick enough! While walking I thought to myself........

What is this!
Flurry, fluffy, fluster and still a beautiful sight
A beauty comparable to nothing
But yet described as white as snow
Nay, it’s snow itself.

Its arrival expected, but the deluge a surprise
What is this that drops so quickly?
Covering my window sills.
Hedging us in
Snow, my friend
A welcome relief from
The news of woes that grips the headlines.

Yes, it’s snow, causing temporary mayhem on the
Roads, the streets, airports....
Still a beautiful sight to behold.
As children dance in it,
Tossing each other with balls of snow
No care in the world
Set free from the worries of
Snow though expected,
Still has the power to disrupt
And bring joy!

Let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

Thank you Lord for the times and seasons!

© Deboo February 2009.
Pictures of my snow covered street.

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