30 December 2009

Thank You

Amidst the busyness of life and the endless chores of things and issues to attend to: I want to take this opportunity appreciate my wonderful friends and family: those who have been consistent in their relationship with me.

Those who have shown their love not only in words but in deeds, who, regardless of their own situation have been selfless in giving, in thought and in purpose, because of you, I was able to weather the storms of 2009.

Your thoughtfulness in my time of need rivals none other
As we come to the end of 2009 and embrace 2010 I dedicate this piece to you:

As diamond radiates beauty, with its glittering rays
Its colour is indescribable,
Of crisp whitish blue and of sparkling glow depicting clarity
Of yellow hue or scarlet pink
So too is your love my friend
It comes shining through the dullest moment
It pieces through a grey terrain
Its presence refreshes my soul.
More valued than precious stones,
I cannot exchange it for another
It travels through distance, unhindered by space
It transcends culture and status
It embraces me with my failings
It is inclusive and encompassing
It’s alluring and calming
It is bold without being demanding
When quietness I demand
That you gave
You become for me what I desire to have in a true friend
You my love
Is the hook that anchors me to the future
And keeps hope alive
As you’ve shown love to me
So do to others
Let the flow of it overwhelms and drowns the recipient
In the tidal wave of pure and undefiled love
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