7 September 2011


Stir me up to hope and wrap myself in the essence of your existence
Lift me up to see and take in the beauty of the image of you I image myself to be.
Spawn me on to Live in the reality of you when your glow diminishes, as dreams become slow to accomplish.
Propel me to the place where you become magnify above all else.
As I remain anchored to the reality of you.

When hope deems and vision fades, be the glow that keeps faith alive, when my dream seem unattainable, be the reality that makes the wait rewarding and endurable.

Turn my eyes upward looking to you
Let all around me fade as you become magnified
Satisfy my longing soul with food from your storehouse
Remove the mist which cloud your presence
Let the essence of you become real as I bow to you in worship.
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