27 September 2011

Reaching Out

I reach out when I am wrong and when I am in the right: I do this for several reasons one of which is to maintain a relationship, if I think the relationship is worth maintaining. The other is to keep the peace. I read some where that it takes a mature soul to extend a hand of truce even when they are right.

I have often wondered why people insist on destroying a good relationship because they feel they’ve been wrongly done by. Even if you are in the right and someone has wronged you, if the relationship is one that was previously healthy, you can reach out even if you think you are the one who has been wronged.

I think a lot of the problem we face today in our world can be resolved if people are willing to say I am sorry, I was wrong, or just simply apologise just to make amends and keep a friend or a make a friend out of a foe. (no, we don’t want to be though fools, we have to get even, show them who we are).

But no, we insist on our own, we want apologise and the worse thing is that even when we get an apology we just can’t be bothered because we often have made up our minds as to how we want the relationships.

I can happily say I have good friends in my life and regardless of who is wrong or right I have decided to always extend a hand of reconciliation if there is a disagreement. Sadly some of those I call friends have bit off my hand by ignoring my hand of peace, either by refusing to acknowledge it or say point blank that they’ll rather not continue the relationship.. I admire the second group of people because they are bold enough to speak their mind, (/Sadly no one actually fall into this group, most fall into the first category).

Do you fall in the first category, I huge you be bold and speak your mind. If you want to end a relationship say so, directly, not in riddles, but I’ll rather you reach out and give a hand of hope, love, and reconciliation no matter what.. Especially if you feel the relationship is worth it.
Now, you may have some good reasons to want to opt out, do so, but not with malice. Who knows where you may be in years to come. If you end a friendship so easily then it didn’t mean anything to you in the first place, regardless of our reasons. Ending a relationship should be like breaking up a marriage, difficult and with so much pain. Yes people go through divorce, but I don’t think it is an easy decision, no matter the reason for doing so.

What happened to turning the other cheek if you are slapped? Being a peacemaker, being merciful, being meek…….

If we truly seek peace and pursue it, half the world's problem will be resolve.

So straight from my heart is this peace encouraging you to
Reach out whenever, wherever, however,
Take a turn of love when all else fails,
Walk the path which leads to peace

Reach out even when you are right and when you are wrong
Spun your heart to the object of your affection and be all that’s noble
Be decent in thought for within lies eternal joy, peace and life

In moments of pain reach out,
As a flower bloom, and gloom fills the glove,
Be the glow that puts light back on

Reach out to a child in need, a friend who stays away
A hurting mother
A wronged sister
An absent father
An unforgiving brother
A Stray husband
When everything fails draw strength from one who reached out to you when you where still in sin and died for you.
Reach out for in extending your hand, you may ignite hope in one who is tasty for hope and desperate for love. Reach out.
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