25 October 2011

Lose Your Grip

As I watched the capture of Gaddafi, the question which came to mind was why didn't he quit? Why don't they all quit, these dictators of decades. What is is about the position that makes them hang on even to dead.
Power? They already have,
fame, they have, wealth, they have. My opinion is, they lack security. Despite the power, wealth, fame, etc, they cling on because that's their identity. It's what empowers them. Strip that and they are empty. This is why they stay on even till death.
They all had the choice of leaving honorably having ruled for so long, but no they choose to died the death of a criminal.
Lesson learnt. What are you clinging on to? You refused to let go despite all the signs and pressure to lose your hold.
Are you hanging on in the Belive that you will come out victorious? Are you certain of victory? Why don't you take a look at the issue again, is it worth dying the death of a fool?
If you've given the issue your very best and the pressure is on to quit, do so honorably. Leave while the ovation is loudest.
Find a worthy cause to give your effort to if you feel you will lose your ID by relinquishing control.

Are you hanging on to a relationship which is dead from all indications in the hope that it will get better? Pray about it, examine it again and decide on a course of action, let go.
Are you in a career which is going no where, and drowning under the pressure to hang on? Throw in the towel and leave.
We could be hanging on to failed dreams, worthless ideas, friendship, empty promises. Whatever it maybe, take a bow and leave.
Seek to do things better and achieve greater success as you prayerfully make your decision to move on and reinvent your goals, dreams ambitions.
Take hold of faith as you purposefully move on.
See a new dawn beckons and fly away as you envision brighter days, years and life ahead.
Shake loose the dust of the past and embrace the scent of success in the present.
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