2 May 2012

When Good Comes Out of Dying

No one wants to die before their time, I believe we do all we can to stay alive, hence we exercise, to stay fit and  eat heathy to keep our internal organs healthy.  So I believe  when Claire Squires started training for the recent London marathon, she was not training to die, I believe she was in good health, has done everything she could to stay alive, aside from raising money for good cause by running, she was would have benefited health wise.  So it came as a shock to everyone most especially her family when she collapsed and died on the 25th mile.... She was raising money for her chosen charity, the Samaritans.  Before her death she raised I think around £2000, when news of her death spread around the world, well wishers around the world started giving to her chosen charity and so far amount raised has reached the £1,000,000.  No consolation to her family, I believe they would give all that back to have her alive again.. But they can grieve in the knowledge that millions of people will benefit from the death of their beloved child.  So her death has resulted in something far greater than previously envisioned.  So what needs to die in your Life to produce something better? You don't have to physically die, but are there issues which needs to die for us to move on to something far more rewarding and Enriching for a greater good? There maybe some small benefit to be had holding onto those issues, but their death may result in a million £ benefit. It may take a while to come to terms with your loss, but in time you will be be glad you did. 
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