2 June 2012


I don’t really know much about the royal family, but as the jubilee celebrations got under way, I became more interested.  Not a day goes by without the media featuring one story or the other based on them. The history channels are littered with stories of the Royal family dating back to medieval times. There is a common way of life amongst them, affluent, poise etc. Another common feature is their family life, they are very loyal to each other at least from what I’ve read. Annual gatherings at key times of the year are held at the queen’s residence; public outing is carefully planned and choreographed. They also protect each other. I have not read any article where a member of the Royal family slag another member, regardless of what they may have done, they protect their own and keep their issues in house. As the jubilee approaches, different member of the family have given interviews to the press, where they have extol the virtue of the Queen and other members of the family. This got me thinking, how do we treat those within our family? (Our family are not necessarily related to us by blood, they include friends far and near) We may not be royals, but can learn a thing or two from them. Do we celebrate them? Or talk about them. Regardless of those within our scope of influence, we should have respect for all mankind, or the human race treating each other with dignity and respect regardless of race, culture, beliefs or social standing.   Some of our actions have caused unimaginable heartache, when we mistreat others to further our own cause or just to get even. Don’t forget the phrase “Do unto others as you would they do to you”. So it really worries me when people treat or debase others for any reason, I wonder, do they really want to be treated the same? No, truth be told, we all want respect, expect kindness, want to be shown favour and love. Why don’t we extend the same hand regardless of who it may be? As one writer puts it “God expects us to show respect to all people as everyone bears his Image”.   When the wind blows it blows on all When the sun shines it shines on all When the rain falls, it does so in its time. This is a reflection of equality. Man created class, upper, middle, middle-middle and lower. Our maker looks pass these to those who truly love all of human race from the heart. People can be unbearable, but we can be tolerable.
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