24 July 2012


We are almost ready, apart from a few hi cups (G4S) security arrangements, I think, London & UK in general are ready to host the events.
Most people have secured their tickets (me included) for the games.

As the Olympics approaches and the excitement builds up, I believe every participant will be enlisting with one aim in mind to get a gold for their country.
It doesn't matter how well prepared they are, their aim is to win.

I believe they' ve spent years training and preparing, often under extrem conditions, disciplining their body, isolating themselves from family, friends & pleasure just to be focus and Maximise their chance of getting gold.

In some ways we've all have to prepare for some major events in our lives.....
Be that an exam
A job interview
A pitch for a major contract
The speech of your life
To name but a few.

Even though our preparation may vary there are common ingredient to every preparation which I believe will guarantee success:
These are:

A positive attitude

You cannot be dedicated without being focused, cannot be disciplined without having to endure and you cannot believe without having a positive attitude.
These all have to be present to ensure success.

So I urge you, in whatever you are embarking on, be it sports, education, relationship. Your preparation mixed with these ingredient will always guarantee success.
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