9 March 2014


I have been looking behind a lot lately, at what might have been if I had done certain things. In the past weeks I looked behind so much that I worked up a headache. Looking behind and wishing we would could have done somethings better is a normal process of our existence, show me someone who has not at one point in their live looked behind and I will show you a liar. 
Looking behind is called retrospection. Why do we go back to the past? We want to attain certain heights in our lives and falling this brings regret.,

Looking behind with regret leads only to one thing pain, sadness, gloom bad headache. 
For instance I wanted to complete my exams while on maternity leave, having gone back to work without achieving this. I deemed it necessary to regret this act cos in my small mind of forgetfulness I thought I had more time while I was at home. NOT. I forgot the sleepless nights which are still ongoing, the, endless chores that comes with tending to babies. So my regrets are pointless.... I have stopped looking back with regrets and now I look forward with vision, faith and hope. 

What do you look back on when you view your life over a period of time. The I wish I have done so and so, the I wish I haven't. 
Lay the past to rest, let go of the pain regret brings and look forward with hope and zeal.
The future is ahead, fresh and untainted. As the morning due and mist gives away to a bright day so too will the mist of regret move away to bring in a bright day. 
Set your gaze not on what coulda been but on what is possible. 
As you get up each day envisage the possibilities which lie ahead. 

Hindsight is good in retrospect, but foresight is needed for introspection. 
Remember the things which are seem are temporal, but the things which are not seem are eternal. 
Forgive yourself of the deliberate and unconscious mistakes of the past, press forward and onward to that which your foresight has envisage, dream it, live it and attain it. 
Regretting Rob us of gratitude, if you feel there's something in your past you could have done differently, do it now if you still can, if you can't do it, repent of it and forgive yourself. 
Whatever you do, move on, do not stay in the place which robs you of joy.
Reach forth to the things ahead. 
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