5 April 2014

Moving Time

Moving Time

I woke up on Sunday the 30th of March without realising time has move forward by one hour. I realised this when my husband commented on the fact that he'd lost an hour thanks to the clock moving forward. I checked and realised that what I thought was 7.00am was actually 8.00am
I suddenly realised that i didn't have enough time to get the kids up and ready in time for church. Then began the great rush to accomplish this task. I was very impressed as we were in church at 10.00am (new time) exactly. 

Here in the UK we move the clocks forward by one hour to welcome spring and save daylight and move it back again in Autumn to also save daylight. Moving time yesterday announces the arrival of spring. 

This got me thinking, just like that, the old time was accepted as new, just because a country decided to move it forward. Have you ever wished you could turn back time?
I think at some point in our lives, we have wished we could and do things differently, I wish I could just, with the turning of the dial on my watch, go back 10 years, there are a whole bunch of stuff I would do differently. 

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on which angel you look at it from, this is not possible, time spent can never be regained, it is lost, gone forever. 

With this in mind, it is therefore important to consciously live day by day purposefully. Doing what you would have done if you could turn back time. Merely wishing you could do things differently if you can go back in time is not enough, do what you would have done, now, if you can go back 1 or 5 or 10 years. 

For some folks it is too late or they feel they have past their time. If you feel time has gone too far to do anything about your regrets, then there's no need to go back in your mind, accept this and live in your now reality. Forgiving ones self of the mistake of the past is something we should do often. This will help us focus on now and help us live at peace with the present and embrace the future without making the same mistake we made in the past. 

I personally believe the reason we can't go back in time is because if we could, we will not do anything differently. with hindsight we often think we will, but truth is, we wouldn't.

One good thing about growing older is we become wiser and learn from our mistakes. We, hopefully have learnt a few lessons on life's journey, enough to want to make us live consciously doing  the right thing and pursuing the right goal. 

So I urge you today, live today as you would if you could turn back time,
Make no excuses  
Set yourself free from the chains which have held you bound
By refocusing your mind on the dreams  you had yesterday. 
Give them wings to take flight 
And glide on with the tide as you sail into heights previously dreamt of. 

Reality is the stuff dreams are made of, 
Dream, but consciously work to unravel that which is envisioned. 
Set free the chains which holds you bound and let the future be the now you envisioned.  

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