1 April 2014

Different extremes

Towards the end of last year and at the beginning of this year,.I found myself dreading turning on the news channel, because I did not want to see another town under water. Each day I tune in hoping for better news. But the news stay the same or got worse. 
Over at States side and we saw a different picture, extreme drought in California and severe snow snows in the East Coast. Take about weather extremes. 

This got me thinking. 
What extremes are you dealing with right now. You may look out of the window of your life and see nothing but flood, drought or snow, and with each passing day the news gets worse. It may be your health, your finances, your relationship, your home, your job or some other deep personal stuff. You are having to deal with extreme of some sort and live in hope of a turn in event, for the rain to stop and the river to recede, 

You see, I have come to know that extremes are a necessary part of life, unwanted or unpleasant as it might be, we've all lived through some sort of extremes. Different though it maybe for each of us, they are extremes nonetheless. 
Like the recent flooding, drought or snow, we wait for a return to better weather. 

Straight from my heart is this piece encouraging us to cast our gaze elsewhere, look no longer on the flood that be, though you may tread the dirty muddy waters and storms of life and your reservoir of hope runs out, 
Cast your gaze to days when the storms will cease and the snow gives way to firmer ground. Be not weary O soul,
Look up for there's one who walks on stormy water, who calms the storm and and gives water that never runs dry. 

Some people make it through the storms and some cave in because it's just too much for their soul to handle anymore. Be amongst those who hold on, come out stronger, more resilient as you anchor your soul to the master of the seas. 

Different extremes, but same outcome, a respite from the storm, snow or drought. 

He's your souls succour. 
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